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K Construction and Development engineering analysis focuses on meeting the functional requirements of the building at the minimum cost and highest quality. Each building system and its components are analyzed for adequacy, efficiency, length of useful life and cost. Life cycle costs are established for alternative systems and components. Our strength in the review of the various engineering disciplines, combined with daily hands-on practical experience, can be a significant benefit to the owner.

A typical value engineering session would include:

Imagen relacionada  Identification of needs and definition of function
Imagen relacionada  Creative solutions to meeting the basic needs or function
Imagen relacionada  Developing the costs for the various alternative solutions
Imagen relacionada  Evaluation and ranking of the various solutions based on project criteria, feasibility of implementation and cost
Imagen relacionada  Selection of the optimum solution and implementation

Development of cost is not limited to the first costs, such as basic construction costs but should include all costs, such as operation cost, maintenance cost and all other aspects of life cycle cost. For example, using a material or system that is 80% of the cost of an alternate but will last just five years, rather than twenty years, may not be a prudent decision. Consideration of life cycle costs can actually result in project solutions that increase the first cost of the projects but are in the owner’s best interest.

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