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The replacement of windows offers many benefits. The National Association of Realtors has actually gone on record that the replacement of a window or windows is one of the home improvement tasks that offers the greatest return on the homeowner’s initial investment. On average, people seem to recover about eighty percent of their investment on window replacement. The great thing about window replacement is that, although it does not cost very much, it offers an immediate benefit to the appearance of the house. Another benefit is that new windows are usually much more energy efficient. Many older windows are uncoated or leak air. More energy efficient windows can drastically reduce the prices of energy bills, which can be quite costly during the extreme heat of the blistering summer season and the bone-chilling cold that is so common during the dead of winter.


K Construction offers ENERGY STAR Qualified Windows and Skylights.
Save Money

• Significantly reduce cooling costs

• Save on installation with a $1500 energy tax credit

• Save 10% on home insurance

Get comfortable

Put an end to cold drafts and overheated spaces. ENERGY STAR qualified windows and skylights keep your home’s temperature consistently comfortable.

Do some of your rooms feel like a sauna in the summer?

A standard double-panel window allows approximately 75 percent of the sun’s heat into your home. With ENERGY STAR qualified windows you can stay cool all summer long. Most ENERGY STAR qualified windows reduce the “heat gain” into your home more than typical windows do, without reducing the visible light. You get the light you need without the uncomfortable heat.

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